Good Time With A Cheap Escort

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Chris looked at his watch, it was well past 8. He was driving to his hotel after spending the best part of his afternoon in Albert Memorial after visiting the national History Museum. He hummed quietly as he thought of places he could find an escort for the night. He pulled out his wallet, looked in it and he crossed his fingers that he would find a good one at an affordable price. Soon he was about to get to his hotel. He asked the receptionist if she knew where he’d find Cheap escorts. And lucky Chris, the hotel had an escort service.

He paid and went to his room to take a quick shower. Suddenly the bell rang, he turned his head fast and he remembered he hadn’t ordered room service. He dragged his feet to the door. He opened it and she stood there, a beautiful blonde, fully covered in a thick fur coat, in 12 inch stilettos. She smiled at him. He held her hand, as she let her in. “Not much of a talker, are you?” he asked as she tried to look into her eyes.

She dropped her fur trench coat to the floor. Chris was blown out of his mind. She had nothing underneath just a fishnet pantyhose and small black thong. He stared at her breasts, they were big. His eyes moved to her thighs, then he approached her, he kissed her as he grabbed her left butt cheek. She kissed him back the kissed his neck, as she dropped to his chest. She kissed his stomach as she was trying to take off his shorts fast. She touched his dick and he was already hard. She kissed it with her bright red lipstick as she slowly massaged his balls.

He was getting even harder. He started licking the head as she moved down to the balls. She licked and sucked on his balls. She sucked his dick aggressively. At first it was slow, as she was massaging his balls, then she started pacing. It was faster now, her head was moving up and down fast. His big cock was up her throat, she was almost choking. He pushed his fingers through her hair. He pulled her head out. He came all over her face.

She smiled slyly as she bit her lower lip. She rose from her knees and went across the room to the side drawers to get some tissues to wipe off the cum off of her face. As she walked, he was staring at her ass. He was still standing there, like his brain had frozen or something. She held his chest and pushed him over to the bed. She crawled on top of him. She touched his dick and she was almost hard. She stroked it. He was starting to get hard. She started moving her hand up and down his massive organ as she was rubbing her clitoris too, he was getting harder.

She rose up slightly and she held his dick up as she was trying to sit on it. He grabbed her waist and aided her in as she let out a quiet moan. She then pulled her legs forward so she looked like she was squatting. Then she started moving up and down, slower then faster. As she started moving faster, her moan grew louder. She was enjoying this more than he was, you could tell this by the look on her face, she was biting her lip most of the time. He grabbed her ass, she was still moving so fast, he was looking at her breasts as she was riding him hard and fast. They turned him on even more. Then he grabbed her, he pulled her to the side of the bed. He made her lean on the bed as he stood behind her.

He pushed his dick inside her hole. He pumped it hard, his hand above her back. She was moaning hard. He pulled his dick in and then out really fast as he spanked her. It was getting so heated, he was going so fast now, she was moaning so loud now. He spanked her again, she was begging for more. She wanted some more, she was arching her back so that that entire dick could get in.

They were both climaxing was about to cum then he remembered the night was just young, he pulled out his dick, pushed her to the bed, he held her boobs. He sucked on them, she was letting out quiet groans, he motor boated a little, she giggled, he looked at her, they both smiled, he then moved up and put his dick between her huge titties. Chris was a boob’s guy. He would obviously love this but she didn’t understand how Keisha was enjoying this more than he was. Then he strongly grabbed her, moved her to the table next to the door, and pushed away everything that was on the table. He put her on top of it, rubbed her clitoris for a second as he sucked on her right boob.

Then he put his huge dick inside her, she let out her quiet moan. He went on fast, and even faster. He ducked her even harder as she started sucking on his neck. Oh Chris. He was so elated. He pounded that vagina so hard she started to bite him. They were both climaxing, then she squirted, this turned him on. She didn’t know, she seemed a little embarrassed, and then he came too. “You gave me a hickey,” he said with a light giggle. “Sorry,” she said with a shy look. “Don’t be sorry, I must call you next time am in town. She gave him her business card, a peck on his cheek and she walked out. Chris lay there, with a smile on his face. He fell asleep.

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