How to handle sexual obsessions

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What is the difference between sexual obsessions and sexual fetishes? I first became interested in sexual obsessions when I went through a period of sexual re-identification. It may sound like a strange term, but it basically means I was not sure if I wanted to date men or women. It happened when I first started to work for London escorts. Before that I had worked as an independent escort in London, and I had only dated men. To my surprise, London escorts was a complete change for me, and I even ended up dating some lesbian ladies.

I discovered that I enjoyed male company as much as enjoyed female company, and to be honest, it made me completely confused. All of a sudden it felt like I became obsessed by my sexuality. It was not that I had a fetish about dating women, I just realised that I liked it. Also, many of the girls that I worked with at London escorts were bisexual and that did not help at all. It made it even worse, and I often did not know where I stood when it came my sexuality. Was I bisexual? My new colleagues at charlotte London escorts told me not to worry about it.But the comforting words from the girls at London escorts did not help me at all. They were used to it, but this was a complete minefield for me. Some days it was all I could think about and I simply could not get some of the girls from London escorts out of my head.

They simple turned me on and I started to realise that my own concerns about my sexuality was taken over my life. In other words, I was becoming totally obsessed about it. At one stage, it even became more important than food at one stage.I felt that I needed to speak to someone about it, and in the end, I ended up speaking to one of the girls at London escorts. She told me that it was part of the process of “coming out”. I knew what she meant, it did feel like my life was changing and I was not sure it which direction it was going. At first it was very hard not be be obsessed about my sexuality, but gradually I started to calm down. I realised that most of us are pretty “fluid” when it comes to our sexuality.Today, I have learned to be less obsessed about my sexuality. Basically I have let go of it.

I no longer think that spending personal time with one of the girls at London escorts is a fetish, and I know that it is not an obsession neither. It is really just something that I enjoy and I don’t worry about it. Maybe things will change again. But, if there is one thing that I have learned from my time at London escorts, it is that life is all about pleasure. And, it does not matter if it is food or your sexuality.

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