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How to handle sexual obsessions

What is the difference between sexual obsessions and sexual fetishes? I first became interested in sexual obsessions when I went through a period of sexual re-identification. It may sound like a strange term, but it basically means I was not sure if I wanted to date men or women. It happened when I first started […]

Romantic kind of relationship

Relationship now a days were seems to be a well-crafted interaction in between people involved most especially on a romantic kind of relationship. It can give so much of positive things as well as negative things too. It is a combination of two different factors that makes a relationship stronger and better. Without those things […]

Good Time With A Cheap Escort

Chris looked at his watch, it was well past 8. He was driving to his hotel after spending the best part of his afternoon in Albert Memorial after visiting the national History Museum. He hummed quietly as he thought of places he could find an escort for the night. He pulled out his wallet, looked […]